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Mountainbike tourism: Cave towns and Crimean reservation
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Map of South-west Crimea
The Misterious Country of Dory
Crimean foothills: mountains with flat tops, almost vertical southern slopes and northern ones gently come into plains are cut into separate tracts by picturesque river valleys.First people appeared here during the Ice Age. And even ancient Greek historics knew a lot about local people, which were called Tauri.
Since the 6th century the country of Dory, which was populated by Goths and ancient mountain tribes, was mentioned in history due to Procopy Cesariy, court clerk of the Byzamtian emperor Justinian I

In the modern Crimea this regeon is interesting by its nature. Inaccessibility of rocks was used for defence. The population of Dori had magic skill to find springs. The same rocks were used for pressing the vine and as storehouses of grain. And, in impassable at first sight, wood special fruit gardens-"chaeers"-were hidden.

Different nations, relegions and confessioncions live here together and prosper in pease, enjoying crystal clear water of springs,wondreful nature and refined crimean wines.
The main places of interest in Crimea

Lake Patil We offer you the routs for children and youth, for families and individs by mountain-bike, by car or minibus around South-west of Crimea.
Our base is situated on the northern border of the Crimean Resevation, in a valley of the mountain river Bodrak. It is one of the purest and interesting, in the natural sense, place in Europe.Branch of Pulkovskaya Observatpry, practical geologic bases of St. Peterburg State University have been located here for a half- centure. In 1984 our valley was an official object of excursion of the World Geological Congress.
Here numerous arheologic discoveries of the Stone Age, Scythian and West-Goths periods were made.
Well-known cave towns and the Grand Canyon of Crimea, the Shake cave, where Tauris made human sacrifices, are accessible in a range of 1-2 days trip on a bicycle.
Our routs run along the purest mountain lakes, and beaches in Laspy bay or in a mouth of the river Kacha are rather cosy and solitary.
The program of your rest is formed exclusively to your tastes.
Our basic prices per day:
Accomodation (separate rooms for 2-3 persons + hot water after cycling) – 3 $
Boarding of country food: milk of happy cows, meat of carefree sheep, fruits and vegetables without chemicals (Breakfast + dinner + evning tea,or breakfast, lunch and supper) – 12-15 $ per day. The menu can be agreed beforehand, the vegetarian or special diets are also possible.
Rent of the mountain bike-7 $ per day.
The detaled descriptions of the routs, special library (tourism maps, literature about Crimea, fantasy and science fiction) are avaliable on our base and free of charge!
There are substantial discounts for groups over 10 persons.
Additional services: transport, sauna, photo- video films with digital editing,participating in arheological discoveries,diving, and other additional services.
Light dinner during the rout (for example "plov" or "lagman"+ beer will cost about 2$. we can recommend only those cafes, whose owners are always glad and ready to see our tourists.
Photo galleries and reports of our travellings you can see
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